Your Twitter Following Is About to Drop. Here's Why.


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Twitter announced today the latest of its efforts to fight platform abuse and maintain authenticity on its network.

This week,& wrote Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety Lead& Vijaya Gadde in a statement, Twitter will begin removing locked accounts from users' total follower counts, potentially causing these numbers to drop significantly for some.

An account becomes "locked" when Twitter detects some sort of sudden suspicious activity from it, like tweeting a high number of out-of-context mentions or several links to false content.

In these cases, Gadde explains, the network lets the account owner know about the activity, and requests that it be revalidated with a new password.& Until that happens, the account remains locked and the owner is unable to log in.

Now, these accounts will be removed from total follower displays for all users globally.

The majority of users, says Gadde,& will lose a maximum of

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