Winning on Amazon: Here are 3 strategies that can help


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Paraphrasing what Ginny Marvin wrote in this publication recently, 2018 was largely the year Amazon’s ad business matured. But changes like the unification of Amazon’s ad products and the launch of other sponsored product type units on the site also reflect how the online retailer has matured in other ways. Amazon is set to clear $258.2 billion in US retail sales in 2018, according to eMarketer – a full 5 percent of all retail sales – and a far cry from its 1 percent share just ten years ago. To grow market share overall, brand marketers need to mirror their larger Amazon strategy to reflect how the retail site itself is setting its priorities.

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1. Focus on share of audience, not share of wallet – and act accordingly

Amazon admittedly isn’t the number one place people buy groceries, but it’s absolutely one of the top destinations for eyeballs when those same consumers are looking at grocery products online. As Sri Rajagopalan from Johnson and Johnson explained in his recent Linkedin post: “I have never heard an Amazonian talk to me about share of wallet… Do not obsess on your Amazon share of wallet, but do, on share of audience.”

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