Unriddled: Youtube Removes a Paywall, a Farewell to Google Hangouts, and More Tech News You Need


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"Unriddled" is HubSpot's weekly digest of the tech headlines you need to know. We give you the top tech stories in a quick, scannable way and break it all down. It's tech news: explained.

Unriddled: The Tech News You Need

1. YouTube to Remove Its Original Programming Paywall

Fans of YouTube Originals, rejoice: The video-sharing platform says it will no longer keeps its premium shows behind a paywall, and will instead move them to an ad-supported model. According to Variety, this program will be available for all to view for free -- or, at least, available for the cost of having commercials. The change comes alongside a move to also create more original scripted series, moving the focus from "YouTube celebrity" content to that with traditional stars or celebrities.& Read full story >>

2. Goodbye, Google Hangouts

According to& 9to5Google, rumor has it that the consumer-facing version of Google Hangouts will no longer be available after 2019 -- which, the story says, is not exactly a surprise "since Google essentially ceased development on the app more than a year ago."& However, it appears that enterprise versions of Hangouts will still be available, by way of such features as& Hangouts Chat

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