Twitter is removing locked accounts from follower counts


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As part of Twitter’s ongoing mission to improve the health of the platform, the company says it is removing locked accounts from follower counts globally this week.

Twitter’s current policy is to lock an account any time it detects unusual behavior — such as tweeting a large volume of unsolicited replies or mentions, sharing misleading links, or if an account has been blocked by a large number of users it mentioned in its own tweets.

To get an account unlocked, the owner of the account must validate the account and reset their password. If an account owner does not validate their account after being locked, they will be unable to log in. As of this week, the accounts that have been locked will be removed from follower counts.

Twitter says most users will only notice a slight change in follower numbers, with most seeing as little as four or fewer followers removed from their follow list. Users and brands with larger follower counts may see a more significant drop.

“We understand this may be hard for some, but we believe accuracy and transparency make Twitter a more trusted service for public conversation,” writes Twitter’s head of legal, policy, and trust and safety teams, Vijaya

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