The Ultimate Guide to TV Ads


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Just do it.

Think different.

Breakfast of champions.

Where’s the beef?

Got milk?

Taste the rainbow.

The six phrases above feature no more than three words. But I’d bet you could tell me which brand each phrase belongs to.

The above slogans aren’t only popular quotes from advertisements, they’re also defining phrases for brands. They inspire case studies, jokes, and Halloween costumes. They’re pillars of our advertising society … and they all came from TV.

Author Ray Bradbury once said, "The average TV commercial of 60 seconds has 120 half-second clips in it or one-third of a second. We bombard people with sensation. That substitutes for thinking."

It doesn’t take long for consumers to feel, for them to sense something. That’s why these slogans — and many others — aren’t more than a few words.

And that’s why TV commercials, despite their evolution over the last 60 years, are still one of the most effective — albeit most fleeting — marketing strategies.

The following guide will acquaint you with the TV advertising industry and equip you with the tools needed to run your own TV ad. Keep reading to learn more, or use the chapter links below to jump

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