The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate


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Real estate is a linchpin industry in our society. People need to buy and sell property, and they need experts to help understand and manage the transactions.

In the past decade or so, software and websites have amended the traditional real estate process. But regardless of how much technology advances, it’ll never replace the real estate middleman — the agent.

Why? Because as important as real estate is to our society, it remains an enigma to most consumers. Between the various laws, paperwork, and best practices, there’s a lot that goes into buying and selling property.

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That’s why we’ve compiled this guide, and our reasoning is twofold: to help consumers better understand the real estate process and to equip real estate agents to better market their business. We believe this guide can help both — especially those consumers considering real estate as a career choice.

If you’d like to learn about a specific topic, feel free to use the chapter links below to jump ahead. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about real estate.

The Four Types of Real Estate

Real estate is defined as the property and buildings on a specific piece of land. It

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