Snapchat integrates with Comscore to measure Discover channel traffic


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Snapchat is partnering with Comscore to allow the firm to measure publisher reach for their Discover channels, the companies announced Monday. The integration means advertisers will have independent measurement data on Discover channels and be able to consider Discover traffic in publishers’ overall audience size in Comscore’s Media Matrix platform.

Why marketers should care

This is the first time Snapchat Discover audiences will be measured by a third-party. Discover audience data had previously only been available from Snapchat itself.

By including the Discover traffic in the Media Matrix, advertisers will have a more complete view of total audience numbers for publishers.

“It used to be very easy to look at your ratings for TV or your circulation for print, and you’d have that one number to focus on. This integration helps advertisers get a better understanding of how many people their media partners reach,” Snapchat’s VP of content Nick Bell told the Wall Street Journal.

Last month, Snapchat had a record-breaking quarter revenue-wise, but its daily active users dropped by two-million. Access to independent measurement data from Comscore could help Snap build credibility and awareness around Discover.

More on the Snapchat Discover

  • Snap’s Discover audience data will be available to Comscore subscribers beginning mid-November, according to reports.
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