Planning & executing social media for global brands


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When designing a social media strategy for a global brand, there are many things to take into consideration. Should you start a new profile for every country and build your presence up from scratch? Or would it be easier to manage a global account?

This guide is divided into two parts:

  • Planning: Think about your brand and the strategy you want to take
  • Execution: Now that you’ve got your planning done, how do you execute it?

Tips for planning your global social media strategy

Managing a global brand doesn’t have to be a logistical nightmare. With some planning ahead, a lot of documentation and everyone on the same page, you’ll be marketing in multiple countries in no time. First things first, focus on your strategy documentation and make sure you have the basics in place. If you need to start from scratch, check out our guide here.

Check your messaging

Before you even expand into any new countries or target them, you need to run a brand check on your assets and phrases. This means looking at your company’s name, logo and even colors to see if there are any cultural barriers. A color in one country may not be as appealing in another.

For your brand values

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