Marketers, Take Note: Samsung Is Going All-In on Voice and Now Is the Time to Prepare


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Around this time last year, I wrote about a new concept from Samsung& SmartThings: connectivity that brings together all the devices one might use in her home and synchronize them in a way that makes them work together under one hub, intelligently.

That was one of the biggest announcements to emerge from the 2017 Samsung Developer Conference& last year. This year, during the opening keynote of the event's 2018 edition, SmartThings was still a star -- only this time, the company says, it's even better.

The credit for that improvement, one might gather from the keynote, largely goes to the remapping over the past year of Bixby: Samsung's voice assistant, which is powering more and more of the devices it manufactures, helping to keep them all connected in such a "smart" manner.

In other words: Samsung is going all in on voice commands in their products.& But what does that mean for the rest of us?

As it turns out, Samsung's investment in bringing voice assistant to more devices means a lot for marketers -- and what they should do to prepare for Samsung's potential success. Here's what the company is working on and the most important things to

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