LinkedIn reorients Campaign Manager with objective-based campaign workflow


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LinkedIn Campaign Manager’s ad preview feature.

LinkedIn updated the reporting interface for its Campaign Manager in July. Now, it’s updating the campaign creation part of Campaign Manager. The company announce a new objective-based campaign workflow on Monday, that includes new ad forecasting and preview features.

Why marketers should care

As has become common in other ad platforms (Facebook, Google, Quora, etc.), the new set up process in LinkedIn Campaign Manager starts from a campaign objective perspective, rather than having advertisers start by choosing an ad format.

“We have ‘flipped’ the entire experience — instead of beginning your campaign creation process with a series of products to choose from (Sponsored Content, Text Ads, etc), advertisers are now asked to define their goals and objectives for their campaign (website visits, engagement, conversions) and our UI guides the user to build out their campaigns from there,” says a LinkedIn spokesperson.

Starting this month, advertisers will have to define their specific objective when building out an ad campaign on the platform, i.e. if they want to drive more traffic to a website, generate leads, earn more video views, etc. Once they set an objective, LinkedIn’s ad platform will only surface ad units that apply to that objective.

The overhauled Campaign

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