Inside the Mysterious World of Ethical Hacking


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In a world where harboring your most sensitive data on the internet is a convenient risk that everyone seems willing to take, the ramifications could actually be much more alarming than a stolen credit card number -- cyber attacks could dismantle society.

According to this year’s Worldwide Threat Assesment, written by Daniel R. Coats, the Director of U.S. National Intelligence, cyber attacks are the top danger to society, posing more of a global threat than mass destruction and terrorism.

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“The potential for surprise in the cyber realm will increase in the next year and beyond as billions more digital devices are connected -- with relatively little built-in security -- and both nation states and malign actors become more emboldened and better equipped in the use of increasingly widespread cyber toolkits.” Coats writes in his report.

As individuals and companies rely more heavily on internet-connected devices that have notoriously weak security, and cybercriminals continue to develop more sophisticated methods of attack, like fileless malware, which caused Equifax's infamous data breach last year, cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent and dangerous than ever before -- especially in the business world.

In 2017, the Identity Theft Resource Center reported a record-high

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