How to Create Successful Email Marketing Campaigns in 2019


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Every year, marketers face new challenges. From changes in the way marketing campaigns get delivered to new technologies that revolutionize the way we do things, there’s always something that needs adapting to and altering.

And even though email marketing is going nowhere in 2019, there are going to be some key shifts and challenges that marketers need to overcome.

Below, we explore what changes you need to watch out for before showing you how to create email campaigns designed for success in 2019.

The key to successful email campaigns in 2019

Our predictions about what’s in store for email campaigns in 2019 center around the evolution of technology, alongside consumers’ demand for relevant, personalized, and authentic experiences from the companies they engage with.

This leads us to the main challenges you’ll face as a marketer:

  • Gaining a better understanding of your audience so you can offer them the personalization they expect.
  • Building better relationships with your existing customers rather than replacing these with new ones.
  • Generating more ROI from your email marketing campaigns as other methods become less effective, e.g. pop-ups.

Thankfully, adapting to these changes doesn’t have to be difficult, nor does it mean drastic changes for your marketing team. Instead, you just need to make sure you’ve

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