How to Create a Quiz in 5 Minutes With Google Forms


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Pop quizzes always seemed unnecessary and annoying during school. But in the working world, they can be quite useful -- you can use quizzes to engage an audience or make sure your new employees understand team protocols.

If you want to create a fun quiz for your audience or one that’ll test your new employees’ knowledge of your team’s methodologies and software solutions, you can use Google Forms to make free, self-grading quizzes in under five minutes.Click here to download our curated collection of interactive content examples.Here’s a quick rundown of how to do so.

How to Create Self-grading Quizzes in Google Forms

1. Visit Google Drive.

2. Click “New”.

3. Hover over “More”. Then, click on “Google Forms”.

3. Click “+” to create a blank quiz.

4. Press the settings button, which is the cogwheel icon, in the top right corner of the page.

5. Move the slider to “Make this a quiz”.

6. Customize options for grade release and what respondents can see during or after the quiz. When you’ve finished customizing your quiz, click save.

7. Give your quiz a name and description.

8. Click “Untitled Question” to type your first question and answer options.

9. To the

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