How to Be an Ally: 23 Resources That Can Help


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Inclusivity is a critical component for long-term employee retention, and even company growth.

For instance, a Catalyst report, Inclusive Leadership: The View From Six Countries, found the more included employees felt, the more innovative they reported being in their jobs, and the more they went "above and beyond" to achieve team goals. If you want each of your employees to invest time and energy into their work, you need to invest resources to ensure they feel included and valued.Click here to unlock a free guide and template designed to help you create a  company culture code.& To achieve inclusivity at your workplace, it's crucial you encourage allyship across the organization to foster a sense of belonging for everyone.

Being an ally means working to develop empathy towards another group's challenges or issues -- and, ultimately, creating a culture in which that group feels valued.

Here, we've cultivated a list of resources to help you gain awareness on different perspectives, and ultimately become a more effective ally.& While our list is by no means all-inclusive, it's a good starting point for broadening your own views of the world, your unique privilege, and how you can help others feel included.

12 Resources to Read

  1. How To Challenge Ourselves to Grow As Allies by Corey

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