How to Analyze Your Website's Heat Map


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Nowadays, marketers can measure almost everything, giving us an unprecedented ability to gauge the performance of our marketing campaigns.

But, sometimes, we can get overly obsessed with the metrics that look good on paper but don’t provide as much insight we think, like clicks and views. A high dose of traffic can prove your headline’s quality if you’re a blogger, but it doesn’t tell you the whole story of what path your visitors take on your blog, or how exactly they engage with the page.

Fortunately, there’s a data visualization tool that can show you which sections of your content generate the most engagement and which don’t. They’re called heat maps, and they can arm you with the data and insights needed to optimize your website copy, user experience, and conversion rate optimization to their fullest potential.

Below, we’ll go over the different types of heat maps you can use to measure your content’s ability to attract attention and the insights you can extract from each of them.

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What Is a Heat Map?

A heat map is visual representation of the engagement a page on your website receives. It uses a color spectrum to determine which sections of

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