Five Reasons Why A Strong Brand Identity For Your Pet Business Is Vital to Success

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Sniff Design Studio® is an award-winning web and graphic design studio that specializes in catering to national and international pet business professionals since 2003. We work to inspire brands while crafting identities with meaningful, purpose-filled and eye-catching designs. After all, good design is key to gaining and maintaining important customer response to a product or idea. At Sniff Design Studio®, we believe that presentation is everything – no bones about it.

In a world built on abundance, where clients have their unlimited choices—with numerous competitors offering similar products and services—becoming noticed is becoming more and more difficult. Now more than ever, it is important for a petrepreneur to have an effective brand and marketing strategy to consistently attract ideal clients.

So, what is the key to standing out from the pack? Having a BRAND WITH BITE.


Your brand is the first experience most clients have with your company. It’s the persona of your business—the voice, feeling, design, and strategy that calls your audience to action and compels them to stay. A solid pet business brand helps is also a visual reminder of who you are, what you stand for, and the problems you solve, so it is important to remain consistent and cohesive.

Before you jump straight to the design portion of your brand image, think about the adjectives you want people to think of when they think of your brand. Does your brand reflect those adjectives? If it is not, then your customers will wind up confused and your messaging will be muddied—not exactly the ideal situation if you want to attract your ideal client.

For example, the brand image below was created for a new pet business located in Texas. This business wanted to create a design that read as upscale and soothing while still projecting a modern minimalism.

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