Fitts's Law: The UX Hack that Will Strengthen Your Design


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The next time you get in your car, take a closer look at your foot pedals. You might notice something you’ve never paid too much attention to before: your brake pedal is bigger and closer to your seat than your accelerator pedal.

Once you notice this subtlety, it immediately makes sense, right? If the brake pedal is bigger and closer to you, then it’s quicker and easier to stop than it is to accelerate. This makes driving safer for you and everyone else on the road. If the pedals' size and closeness were reversed, our roads would constantly look like a bumper car arena.New Call-to-action

The design of car pedals is based off a predictive model of human movement called Fitts’s law. And it’s all around us: the space bar is the biggest key on your keyboard because it’s the most important one. And the button that turns off heavy machinery is bigger than the one that turns it on -- you don’t want people accidentally turning heavy machinery on. But you do want to make it easy to for people to turn it off.

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