Email Roundup: Top 6 Email Campaigns from the Travel Industry


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We write a lot about how effective email marketing can be for driving in revenue, building brand loyalty, and improving customer retention for your business. But opportunity is what you make of it and the truth is, you won’t see any of the impressive results that have made email marketing legendary if you don’t optimize your email marketing campaigns for conversions.

Consumers in each industry seek different, unique things—that’s probably no surprise to you—and they also seek unique things from every email marketing campaign. That means that what makes an email campaign successful in the retail industry might not translate well to an email marketing campaign in the travel industry (and sometimes not even to another retail email campaign).

The first step to creating successful email marketing, then, is to understand who your audience is. Only when you know what exactly your customers need from you can you deliver that right to your subscribers’ inboxes.

These days, consumers have plenty of places they can go to book hotels and flights, find restaurants, and discover the hottest spots in a new city. In order to drive traffic to your website or business and convince prospects to convert with you, your brand needs to

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