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Digital Marketing / Email - 1 year ago

When should you use confirmed opt-in?

As an email marketer, I would rather have 100 customers who open and engage with my messages than 10,000 who don’t. (I’ll pause a moment here while you imagine your CMO’s head exploding if you ever said that in a team meeting.) Kidd...

Digital Marketing / Email - 1 year ago

Making sense of email bounce rates

Bounced email addresses can be one of the most frustrating aspects of email marketing. A bounce means your reader didn’t get the information they wanted to get and you wanted them to see. But a bounce is something technical that only delivery pros ca...

Digital Marketing / Email - 1 year ago

A wish for email in 2017

There are so many ways in which email continues to develop and progress, but in one way email still lives in the last decade. Despite huge advances in web browser technology and capability, virtually every email client and platform only supports a st...