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Digital Marketing / Analytics - 3 days ago

What is identity resolution?

Identity resolution tools take simple analytics a step further by tying online behavior to a consumer’s unique identity, giving marketers the information they need to zero in on their target consumers with highly personalized, tailored offers t...

Digital Marketing / Analytics - 2 months ago

Did the data-driven era miss an exit?

According to headlines, martech embodies technical sophistication, touting thousands of companies fueled by sumptuous features like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, personalization and more. Yet, a recent study found that what marketers rea...

Digital Marketing / Analytics - 2 months ago

Step up your multichannel marketing game

Join our experts from Epsilon as we share four critical steps to improve multichannel marketing execution. From CRMs to CDPs, we’ll explain the differences between technologies, discuss the use cases for each and offer tips for optimization. We’ll pr...