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Design & Dev / Web Design - 5 months ago

How to Master the Art of Visual Web Design

Effective web design, a concept that has gradually become popular over the past few years, is an essential part of the digital marketing world. The Visual Design Trends 2018 can help you out to create a successful visual web design. A successful web...

Design & Dev / Web Design - 5 months ago

The Benefits of Having a .design Domain

Advertising yourself is one of the fundamental, yet neglected parts of being an adult in the workforce. For decades, job seekers have turned to rely on resumes, referrals, and self-designed business cards to put themselves apart from the rest. Howeve...

Design & Dev / Web Design - 6 months ago

5 Best Practices for Mobile Friendly Websites

Google no longer is suggesting that our websites be mobile-friendly, it is now a requirement if you want your site to be indexed and found. They made it very clear that those sites that are not mobile-friendly will be penalized. Luckily technology ha...