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Design & Dev / Web Design - 1 week ago

10 Typography Trends for 2019

Can you hear that? That’s the sweet sound of jingle bells followed by the explosion of fireworks. The combination of these two sounds can only mean one thing: 2019 is right around the corner. That might sound a little scary, but I can assure you that...

Design & Dev / Web Design - 1 month ago

5 Tips for Better Website Navigation

As a business, your website should be informative, and the key to a seamless user experience lies in the navigation. Any time a user visits a website, they want and expect all content to be clear and concise. Your navigation is the map—and therefore...

Design & Dev / Web Design - 1 month ago

7 Web Design Tips for Traffic Monetization

So, you’ve got a website created to present your company or your talent. It is designed to impress your potential clients with your portfolio and bring you more new projects to generate revenue. However, do you know that you can start earning money r...