7 Must-Know Email Personalization Tactics


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This post was updated in December 2018.

Email personalization is a way to authentically connect with your subscribers by sending targeted and relevant content that matters most to them. If subscribers don’t feel like they matter to your brand, then most likely, your brand won’t matter to them.

Personalized emails not only trump traditional “email blasts”—they also increase open rates by 26% and generate a 760% increase in email revenue.

Email marketers are starting to see the true value in email personalization and how it relates to ROI. We recently surveyed marketers about what their top goals and biggest challenges were for their email marketing strategies – 38% said improving email personalization was their number one goal, and 36% of marketers listed email personalization as their biggest challenge.

We took the survey a step further and asked what they felt the most effective email personalization tactics were for email marketing purposes.

Email Marketing Personalization Tactics

In this post, we’ll discuss 7 important email personalization tactics and how you can engage your subscribers in a meaningful way.

1. Email list segmentation

According to our survey, the best way to improve email personalization is through using email list segmentation. While many marketers feel that email personalization can be challenging, having the right marketing

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