7 Amazing Sample Answers to "What Makes You Unique?"


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There are plenty of things that make each one of us unique.

For instance, here are a few quirks of mine -- I put my phone on airplane mode every night around 9 p.m. to avoid distractions, even though plenty of my friends have pointed out that the silence button works too. I can't sit still for long periods of time, so I regularly do laps around the office. And I can't leave my apartment, no matter how late I am, until my bed is made.

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None of which I'd admit in an interview.

The interview question, "What makes you unique?" is not an opportunity to confess weird habits or odd quirks. It's a chance to provide the interviewer with insight into how you'd be the best candidate for a role, while proving you're someone who can think on her feet.

Essentially, "What makes you unique" really means, "What makes you an exceptionally good candidate?"

To avoid an awkward conversation, you'll want to be prepared to answer "What makes you unique" in an interview. Here are seven sample answers to ensure you're proving yourself an incredibly valuable company asset.

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