6 Ways Email Marketing Can Boost SEO Results


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As a marketer, you likely associate SEO with things like site links, SERPs, and keyword research. But have you considered how email can help you boost your performance in SEO?

Marketing emails aren’t ranked by search engines, and the goal of an email campaign is usually to get opens and click-throughs—not to boost your SEO.

But considering 51% of people discover new websites through email, it’s worth looking at how you can leverage those visits not just for one-off click-throughs, but for high-quality traffic that increases your search engine rankings.

Let’s look at a few of the benefits of designing emails with SEO in mind.

1. Improves bounce rates

Search engines know how long people tend to stay on your site and what percentage of them leave immediately (or “bounce”) without checking out your content. Your bounce rate is an important factor in your overall search ranking. Even with the best SEO writing in the world, a high bounce rate will kill your ranking.

The first step to cutting your bounce rate is creating outstanding content—and by linking to your content in email newsletters, you can actually control the quality of your visitors. Visitors from email links tend to be more engaged and more interested in your

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