48 C# Interview Questions Any Interview Worth Their Salt Will Ask


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With over 7,000 C#.Net programming jobs advertised every month that have an average salary of over $90,000, the demand for this type of developer has exploded. But why is the C#.Net labor market so hot right now? Well, more and more engineering departments are adopting C#.Net to build their software because it's similar to other common C-type languages like C++ and Java. This makes the language intuitive to learn -- in fact -- it's the fifth most popular programming language for building software.

To help you prepare for your next C#.Net developer interview and land the job, check out the following C#.Net interview questions most interviewers will ask you.

Take note that these questions mainly assess technical aptitude, but your interviewer will likely be looking for more than just the correct answer for every question -- they’ll want to see your critical thinking in action.

As Vitaly Futoriansky, a full stack developer lead at Sears Israel, explains, technical interviews reveal three attributes about a candidate: their depth of knowledge in C# programming language, their communication skills, and their ability to& solve a problem. So after you take a look at these questions, consider crafting an answer to each one

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