2019 mobile marketing predictions from industry veterans


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When was the last time you talked about electricity? Probably about as frequently as you wonder about the future of electricity (i.e., never). That’s because we’ve just come to expect that a) electricity is ubiquitous and b) there haven’t been a ton of innovations in the electricity space over the last 10 to 15 years (okay, maybe wireless charging, but that’s about it). As we head into 2019, doesn’t talking about mobile feel a little bit the same as talking about electricity? Except that there are in fact a ton of exciting new mobile technologies that are changing the way we work, live and interact with each other.

As game-changing as the iPhone was in 2007 when it truly put high powered computers, cameras and location-aware applications into the average person’s hands, we are now seeing a new wave of developments that will have a far greater impact on our lives.

Here’s a few areas where I’ve seen major progress in the world of mobile:

  • While 5g connectivity started to roll out in 2018, according to eMarketer, it’s real impact won’t be felt until 2020. But in 2019, you will start to see greater investment in streaming platforms and adtech.
  • The pervasiveness of voice text is changing how we interact with our phones, cars and homes. ComScore has predicted that by 2020, voice to text will account for over 50 percent of all search activity. While the impact of this trend isn’t limited to mobile, it is powerful when you think of the opportunity this provides with our ability to interact with mobile devices without needing to use a traditional keyboard.
  • Augmented reality will continue to give brands and marketers the ability to layer on data and computer generated graphics on top of video, photographs and day-to-day life through our phones, special glasses and smart
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